TRS Black Eye Beans


TRS Black Eye Beans

Black Eye Beans are also known as Cow Peas in English .Barbati (Bengali), Lobia (Hindi), Alasande (Kannada), Payar (Malayalam), Chavli (Marathi), Chani (Oriya), Karamani (Tamil), Bobbarlu (Telugu).


The black-eyed pea, blackeyed bean, or goat pea is a legume grown around the world for its medium-sized, edible bean.

TRS Black Beans are suitable for making nutritional sprouted salad or tasty black bean curry. In Northern India Black Beans are cooked as daal and served with boiled rice. In Southern Indian, Black Eye Beans are popularly used in preparation of huli, a type of Curry. In Maharashtra Black Eye beans, which is known as chawli (chau-lee) for making curry called chawli amti or chawli usal.

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Weight 500 g